Louise Platiel


Instructional Designer and LMS Specialist


Educated at University of Toronto in eLearning

Articulate Storyline Developer

Articulate RISE Developer

Content Creator in Video, Audio and Images

Agile Development and Storyboarding

Talents and Scope


Passionate about Learning Design

Passionate about eLearning, technology, training, and writing. A creative soul always looking for fresh concepts, inspiration, growing and learning. 


Learning for All

How could you use eLearning?

  • New employees: allows them to come to their first day with a solid foundation
  • On-going: help your employees stay up to date with new skills and acheivements
  • Non-corporate: eLearning can be for anyone!  Create a cool course for your class or group on any topic
  • Resumes:  Interactive resumes can also be created in an eLearning tool. Create a dynamic impact and stand out from the crowd
  • Public Service: eLearning can be used to educate the public about your organization's mission, purpose, or subject


Commitment to Excellence

My mission is to provide timely, accessible, effective eLearning.  My focus is on the learner's experience and how, as your partner and guide, I can best enable the learner to make the connection between knowledge and skills.

Other Media

Other media creations include video tutorials, such as this fun example.

RISE Course Demo

Contact Us

For Consultations, Questions, or to view my Portfolio please reach out:

Louise Platiel

360 Torrance Street Apt. 109, Burlington, ON L7R2R9, Canada

(905) 467-0249


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09:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m.